Virtual Doctor Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for use of the services provided by Synergy Gateway Inc. for all registered users.

Login and Passwords: The user is responsible for the safeguarding and appropriate use of their login and password credentials. Synergy Gateway Inc. is not responsible for any transactions or changes related to use of its software should you have lost, shared or failed to log out of any Synergy Gateway Inc. software for which you are a registered user. Synergy Gateway Inc. recommends the use of a secure personal email address that is not shared with anyone when creating your Virtual Doctor account to maintain your privacy.

Data and Privacy: Synergy Gateway Inc. adheres to legislation regarding privacy, data protection and freedom of access to information. All information provided and/or captured during your service(s) are maintained on secure servers located in Canada. As a registered user, you will have access to all documentation and data relating to your account through your login access. Synergy Gateway Inc. does not share your personal or health information with anyone outside of the parties noted in your informed consent.

Emails: Synergy Gateway Inc. will generate automatic email notification and reminders for the service(s) you have registered through its software. It is your responsibility to track and read these emails for additional instruction if needed. Synergy Gateway Inc. does not share your email address with anyone outside of your informed consent. Synergy Gateway Inc. does reserve the right to notify you of upcoming events, documentation notices and additional services from time to time that are relevant to the services it provides.

Payments: For services that require a payment to Synergy Gateway Inc. all payments are made at the time of registration through Synergy Gateway Inc. software and will appear as Synergy Gateway Inc. on your financial institutions statement. The methods of payment accepted include: Visa, MasterCard or VisaDebit. Upon successful payment, you will have the ability to retrieve your payment confirmation receipt through the software system you are a registered user with. It is important to note that Synergy Gateway Inc. does not store your credit card information, and for any refunds, you will be prompted to use the same card you registered your services with.

Fees: For services that require a payment to Synergy Gateway Inc. all fees are due at the time of registering for a service, this includes service fees along with any applicable cancellations, no show or late fees. All fees are inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Cancelling a Service: All services can be cancelled at any time, however services cancelled within 24 hours of their start date and time will be subject to a “Late Cancellation fee” only for services that you have made payment to Synergy Gateway Inc. for. The “Late Cancellation Fee” will be identified at the time of cancellation. The cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount paid for the service and you will receive the balance as a refund.

No-Show for a Service: If the user fails to participate in the service you have registered for, a “No-Show” status will be set in the users profile for that registered service. If there was a fee paid for the service, no refund will be issued.

Refunds: Refunds are only eligible through the cancellation of a service following the terms outlined in this Terms and Conditions. There are no refunds for services delivered. The total amount of the refund cannot exceed the actual amount paid for the service. For any eligible refunds, the method of payment used to register for the service will be refunded the eligible amount. Please note that your financial institution can take up to 15 business days to process your refund and for them to appear on your statement.

Important Note:

Synergy Gateway Inc. is an approved provider with the Ministry of Health of Ontario and will process direct billing on behalf of the Approved Physicians to the Ministry of Health of Ontario for any Services provided to you through the Virtual Doctor Platform from Approved Providers. This option is only available if you are enrolled in Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and have provided proof of eligibility as required by Synergy Gateway Inc. as the terms set herein. At no time will Synergy Gateway Inc. bill for Services outside of the Services provided under the Virtual Doctor Platform.

If you’re an out-of-province or international student (you do not have a valid Ontario Health Card), you will be charged a fee for your Virtual Doctor Service. Upon completion of Service, an official receipt and, if applicable, all other necessary documentation will be provided so that students may submit their healthcare claims to their provincial health plan or provincial plan replacement coverage for adjudication. Please note, Synergy Gateway Inc. does not guarantee that your claim will be accepted and/or reimbursed by your provinces health plan or provincial plan replacement coverage.

Help Desk: For all transactional disputes, please contact our helpdesk directly by submitting a help desk ticket at: